Know These 8 Interesting & Efficient Uses Of A Mixer Grinder

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A must-have in modern households, the mixer grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance equipped with a powerful motor and multiple attachments. Its ability to perform a wide range of tasks effortlessly has made it an indispensable tool, simplifying cooking processes for users.

While most people use a mixer grinder for basic functions like grinding spices or making chutneys, there are several other interesting and efficient uses of this handy appliance. 

In this article, we will explore some lesser-known uses of a mixer grinder that will surely elevate your culinary experience.

  • Grinding Coffee Beans:

Love the aroma of freshly ground coffee? You don’t need a separate coffee grinder for that. Your trusty mixer grinder can do the job efficiently. Just add the desired amount of coffee beans to the grinder jar and pulse it a few times until you achieve the desired consistency. Voila! You have freshly ground coffee ready to be brewed.

  • Making Nut Butters:

Store-bought nut butters can be expensive and often contain additives. With a mixer grinder, you can make your own healthy and delicious nut butters at home. Whether you prefer almond butter, peanut butter, or cashew butter, simply add the nuts to the grinder jar and process until smooth. You can customize the flavor by adding a pinch of salt or a drizzle of honey.

  • Whipping Cream:

Whipping cream manually can be a tiring and time-consuming task. But with a mixer grinder, you can whip cream effortlessly in just a few minutes. Attach the whisking blade to the grinder jar, pour in the cream, and start the appliance. Within moments, you’ll have light and fluffy whipped cream, perfect for topping desserts or adding to beverages.

  • Grinding Meat:

If you enjoy preparing your own meat-based dishes at home, a mixer grinder can be a great tool. Instead of buying pre-ground meat, you can grind your own meat using a mixer grinder. Simply cut the meat into small pieces, remove any bones, and grind it in batches. This ensures the freshness and quality of the meat, allowing you to create flavorful kebabs, burgers, or sausages.

  • Making Fresh Fruit Juices:

Forget about store-bought juices packed with preservatives and artificial flavors. With a mixer grinder, you can make fresh and healthy fruit juices in no time. Just chop your favorite fruits, such as oranges, watermelons, or pineapples, and blend them in the grinder jar. Strain the mixture to remove any pulp or seeds, and you’re left with a refreshing and nutritious glass of juice.

  • Grinding Idli/Dosa Batter:

Preparing the perfect idli or dosa batter requires the right consistency and texture. A mixer grinder can help you achieve that effortlessly. Soak the rice and lentils, drain the water, and add them to the grinder jar. Blend until smooth, adding water as required. The result is a smooth and lump-free batter, ready to be fermented and transformed into fluffy idlis or crispy dosas.

  • Making Homemade Baby Food:

For parents with infants or toddlers, a mixer grinder can be a lifesaver when it comes to making homemade baby food. Instead of relying on processed baby food from stores, you can make fresh and nutritious purees at home. Cook vegetables or fruits, let them cool, and then blend them in the grinder jar until smooth. You can ensure that your little one gets all the essential nutrients without any added preservatives.

  • Grinding Herbs for Natural Remedies:

Herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine for their healing properties. With a mixer grinder, you can grind herbs like ginger, garlic, or turmeric to make natural remedies or pastes. These can be used for various purposes, including relieving common cold symptoms, soothing a sore throat, or reducing inflammation. Simply add the herbs to the grinder jar, along with a little water if needed, and blend until you achieve a smooth consistency.

In conclusion, a mixer grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance that can revolutionize your cooking experience. With its ability to perform various tasks such as grinding coffee beans, making nut butters, whipping cream, and grinding meat, it proves to be a valuable addition to any kitchen. From preparing fresh fruit juices to grinding idli/dosa batter and making homemade baby food, the uses of a mixer grinder are diverse and efficient. Embrace the convenience, unleash your culinary creativity, and make the most of your mixer grinder’s capabilities. Elevate your cooking game with this remarkable appliance.

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