Soft Washing 101: What is Soft Washing?

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For many exterior cleaning tasks, power washing may not be the ideal option. This is especially true when it comes to washing the outside of your home since power washing can easily harm softer surfaces and, if you’re not cautious, it may even destroy your paint.

Soft washing is a far more effective and kinder option. Your home’s exterior may be properly cleaned with a gentle wash while preserving the paint, masonry, and glass and removing dirt, mould, and grime without causing any harm. Why should you think of gentle washing as the ideal cleaning method for your house and what precisely is it?

How Does Soft Washing Work?

Soft washing is a method that uses a very low pressure power washer and specialist chemicals to assist clean the outside of your property of dirt, grime, and buildup. Instead of using high pressure to blast dirt off your home’s exterior, a chemical solution is sprayed on it, and any debris, mould, and grime are gently washed off, leaving your property appearing clean and increasing its kerb appeal.

What Advantages Does Soft Washing Offer?

When compared to other cleaning techniques for the house, soft washing offers a lot of advantages. It not only protects delicate glass doors and stucco walls, but it also provides many other advantages that other solutions lack.

1. Mold and algae are killed by nothing else.

Power washing simply cannot provide the advantages that the chemicals employed in gentle washing provide. One benefit of using cleaning solutions is that they eliminate germs, microbes, mould, and mildew that might be dangerous for you and your family.

To remove filth, mould, and grime while disinfecting surfaces to avoid future mould growth, a solution of water, bleach, and surfactant is often employed. While power washing will remove the obvious dirt, the spores left behind cannot be killed. Soft washing uses chemicals to break down and remove fungus and algae spores from the outside of your property.

2. Accessing Difficult-to-Reach Areas is No Problem

You can get close to numerous trouble spots on the outside of your property with a soft wash. Professionals cleaning your house may access places that could be dangerous to access with a high-intensity power washer since soft washing methods are delicate.

Professional soft washers can help you quickly and efficiently remove surface pollutants from your windows, gutters, and walls, maintaining the external integrity of your property.

3. Minimizing Damage

Some of the harm caused by more conventional power cleaning methods may be avoided with a gentle wash. When using a high-pressure power washer on your walls and windows, particularly if you try to handle it yourself, you run the danger of paint flaking or even damaged glass panes. Additionally, high pressure water has the potential to penetrate walls, posing a danger of mould growth, water damage, and odour.

On the other hand, gentle washing does not pose the same dangers. Low-pressure exterior cleaning with specific chemicals provides your house a thorough clean without the risks associated with high-pressure washing.

4. Increase the Paint’s Life Expectancy

Your paint might degrade due to mould, algae, and mildew. As we briefly said before, gentle washing permanently kills and eliminates mould, algae, and mildew from your walls, preventing further harm as undesirable accumulation lingers on its surface.

5. Maintaining Your Home’s Health

For you and your family, grime, filth, pollen, and mould pose serious health risks. The only approach to guarantee that they are gone and won’t return is to completely remove them from your home’s outside surface. Soft washing is the greatest choice for Brisbane homes since it achieves the exact goals for which it was created.

6. You Can Save Cash

While it may seem simple to mix your own bleach cleaning solution and spray it all over your home, the reality is that your do-it-yourself endeavour will probably end up costing more money and time than you anticipated.

For Go2PM Exterior Cleaning, no task is too minor or large. We are experts in gentle washing and provide a full range of outdoor cleaning services while using the proper amount of pressure.

To improve the look of your property, Go2PM provides a wide variety of exterior cleaning services. We take delight in each project we do and have the tools necessary to complete it correctly. We will inspect your property to ascertain the appropriate pressure and chemical combination to use to clean your outside surfaces without causing any damage to your home.

Your building will continue to look its best for years to come because to our cleaning technique, which uses the proper pressure and chemicals for the task. Get a free estimate right now!

We are based in Tarragindi and serve the Southside of Brisbane. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Softwashing
  • Cleansing of surfaces in industry
  • Force cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning of commercial buildings
  • House cleaning
  • Parking lots Pressure washing of the driveway
  • Cleansing of concrete
  • Cleaning for Body Corporate
  • Sealing for Concrete & Tile
  • Home cleaning before a sale
  • Cleaning after lease’s end
  • Cleaning of a tennis court
  • Shopping Malls

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