Top Mosquito Prevention Tips

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If you have ever lived in areas where malaria and yellow fever are common then you already know that mosquitoes are dangerous creatures. This is because both malaria and yellow fever are transmitted by mosquitoes. In addition, diseases like dengue fever, elephantiasis and even zika are spread by mosquitoes. Even if you have never lived in the world’s tropical regions, it should be clear to you by now that mosquitoes are deadly insects and this is why you should promote anything that enhances mosquito prevention. We can prevent mosquitoes from breeding and spreading diseases by taking the following measures.

Eliminate breeding Grounds

If we know where mosquitoes love to breed then we can simply get rid of their breeding grounds. Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed. Some of them also love to hang out in nearby bushes and grasses. It follows that if we take away their natural habitats, we will prevent mosquitoes from breeding and thriving in our areas.

Clear Bushes

If you have grasses and weeds growing in the immediate vicinity of your homes, you should clear these grasses immediately. It is better to plant insect-repellent plants in these areas so that the mosquitoes do not come visiting anytime soon.

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes usually lay their eggs in stagnant water. For this reason, you should ensure that you do not leave stagnant water lying around your compound. Get rid of old buckets, destroy old tyres and throw away old basins and rubber containers. These things are likely to store water when it rains and this provides the perfect breeding ground for these dangerous insects. Take away the breeding grounds and mosquitoes will not be able to breed near your home.

Clean Open Gutters

In some cases, mosquitoes can breed in open gutters especially if the water in these gutters is clear and stagnant. In such cases, you have two options. You can simply cover these gutters or you clean the gutters. You can even go ahead and give these gutters the oil treatment. A film of oil on stagnant water serves two important purposes. One, it ensures that the mosquitoes cannot dive in and lay their eggs. Second, in case there are eggs in the water already, the oil ensures that the eggs or mosquito larvae will die a natural death.

Use Chemical Sprays

To ensure you do not take chances with mosquitoes in your area, you can simply use a bit of chemical warfare to get rid of these insects. Do not wait until the mosquitoes get inside your house before you take action. Just spray the breeding grounds with chemicals that repel these insects and you will discourage their presence.

Use Insecticides Mosquito Nets

In cases where you already have mosquitoes in your home, you can use insecticides and mosquito nets to get rid of them. Treated nets are particularly effective and these nets will protect you and yours from mosquito bites.

Final Word

There is no reason to take chances when it comes to mosquito prevention. Use the tips above and you will get rid of mosquitoes in your area.

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