Do you need a Shower Door?

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If you have a shower of any form you likely have either shower curtains or some type of shower door. If you have a separate shower space to the bath rub this then often needs a shower door option, if you have a bathtub/shower combo then the curtain is the most usual choice. There are a lot of advantages to choosing to have a twin glass shower door or whatever type you prefer. They are watertight, they create a more comfortable feeling when you are in the shower, glass or plastic doors also mean a contemporary and spacious look that let natural light in. You can choose different looks, with frames or without and options for decoration too.

Is a shower door what you need?

In a lot of cases, a shower curtain is the best option it depends on what you have in the bathroom and who is using it. You might have children so prefer a curtain that is easier to replace. You might have a shower/bath setup so a curtain is the only suitable option. Not everyone has a separate shower stall that then looks great with shower doors san antonio tx. It tends to be the case though that if you could use a shower door, then it will look better and last longer, where curtains tend to start to look worn and get ragged.

Is glass the right material?

It tends to be that people choose plastic doors over glass because they are concerned about the safety of having glass in the bathroom. The fact is the days of glass shower doors shattering and hurting people are gone. A certain glass is used that is very hard to break. On the off chance that someone managed to do it, it will not break into sharp and dangerous pieces, it breaks into safer balls. Therefore more people could choose to talk to a glass design company about shower doors and be confident that it is safe to use them. Glass over plastic has advantages not just in its looks but also because it is easy to clean and it is easy to customize. You would pay more for them though.

Is frosted or clear glass best?

Frosted glass is for people who want to maintain privacy in the shower when others might come in. It does not let in as much light and it can be more claustrophobic but you have your privacy. With a clear twin glass shower door you get more light, it opens up the bathroom and makes it feel bigger but you do not have privacy. You might decide you want frosted glass up to a certain height and then clear after that so you can let in some light while still having some privacy.

Do you prefer frameless or framed shower doors?

When you talk to a glass design company you can look at lots of different sizes and shapes and looks. You can also decide between framed and frameless doors. Both create their own look and that can be a personal preference thing. Frameless tends to be more hygienic as there is not a frame attracting grime and growing mold.

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