How to use glass pivot doors to add light to your home

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As house prices increase and space becomes a valuable commodity, homeowners are trying to find ways to maximise space and make their homes feel bigger. For a long time, open-plan was the go-to choice – blending living spaces such as living room, dining room and kitchen but open-plan is making way for adaptability of broken-plan.

What is broken plan?

Broken-plan is a hybrid of open-plan and closed-plan design, you can benefit from the space, light and open feel of open-plan with the option for separation and privacy thanks to the addition of a glass pivot door.

The glass pivot door can be pivoted to be open or closed, allowing you to blend a space or separate it. They rotate around a mechanism at the top and bottom of the door rather than hinged frame at the side. Their thin design and rotation are space-saving as well as modernistic and stylish.

Letting light flow through your home

Do you have patio doors, a glass wall or roof lights that create a bright and welcoming space? Installing a glass pivot door to an adjoining internal room can help that light reach further – allowing that daylight to reach north facing rooms that struggle to benefit from the light.

This can help save money in energy bills by providing daylight for longer, meaning less need to turn overhead lights on early in the day.

Create flexible space

With many of us now working from home or hybrid working, having dedicated working spaces is important but there isn’t always room for an office. However, with a glass pivot door, you could section off a part of a room – especially if it’s an L shape or has an alcove to create that working space.

Close the door for concentration, privacy or to separate work life from home life – creating that healthy division and separation. Open out to socialise, enjoy more space or entertain. With our work lives becoming more flexible, our homes need to be too, and glass pivot doors provide the perfect solution.

Why consider glass doors?

Glass doors can create such a stylish and modern feel to a home, ideal if you want to upgrade your home to and create a living space that feels open and welcome. The beauty of glass doors is that you have all the feel of an open space with the ability to adapt and separate areas without ever feeling closed in.

As well as impressing guests and lustful interior design, if you ever choose to sell your property or rent it out – this design choice will truly help it stand out against the competition and provide the ideal contemporary home so many desire.

So how will you be incorporating glass doors into your home?

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