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Are you looking to extend the life of your carpets? The key is proper underlay. Carpet underlay acts as a cushion and provides extra support to your carpets, helping them last much longer than they would without it. Here are our top tips for growing your carpet underlay:

Not all carpets need the same type of underlay, so be sure to pick one that’s suitable for the type of carpet you have installed.

Improper installation can lead to uneven wear on your carpets and premature aging, so make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when laying your underlay.

Using a professional grade carpet stretcher will help ensure that your carpet is evenly stretched and properly attached to its underlayment.

Moisture can cause mold and mildew growth on your carpets which can damage them over time, so be sure to check for moisture before installing any type of carpeting or carpet padding.

Like all other things in life, your carpet’s padding will eventually wear out and need replacing,


One of the most important benefits of using carpet underlay is increased soundproofing. The extra layer of padding helps to absorb sound waves and reduce vibrations, creating a more peaceful living space for you and your family. This means far less sound will escape into adjoining rooms or travel through floors, walls, and ceilings between stories in multi-level homes.

Carpet underlay also adds insulation, helping to keep heat inside your home during the winter months while keeping it cooler in the summer by blocking heat from radiating up from below. Not only does this help with energy efficiency, but it also makes for a more comfortable room temperature all year round.

Finally, carpet underlay increases the lifespan of your carpet by providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. The additional cushion helps reduce friction between the fibers and floorboards.


Carpet underlay is an important part of any carpet installation and it’s important to know the rules about it. Carpet underlay provides a cushion between the carpet and the subfloor, helping to reduce noise and wear on the carpet. It also helps protect against moisture and can improve insulation.

When selecting a carpet underlay, there are a few important rules that should be followed. First, make sure the underlay is appropriate for your type of flooring; some types of underlay are not suitable for certain types of carpets or subfloors. Second, make sure the thickness of your underlay matches the pile height of your carpet; if it’s too thick or too thin, it won’t provide sufficient support. Third, ensure that your underlay is installed correctly; if not done properly, it may cause buckling or wrinkling in the carpets.

Finally, make sure you use a quality product; low-grade products may not offer adequate protection or comfort. Be sure to check manufacturer guidelines before purchasing an underlay – some require professional installation while others can be installed by homeowners.

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