How to Get an Attic Insulation Rebate?

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To perform the attic insulation rebate, there are various requirements to consider. For example, the direct reference of your warmth must be electric. If you have an extra heating origin like wood, your house must utilize at least 15,000-kilowatt hours of electricity yearly. The building engineers must construct the house based on a unique design and attach it to the electricity technique. People considered their home an enduring basis in previous years or decades. They also planned it as a preceding dwelling. It shows that the only reason for making some houses is only living in them. In the first place, every home doesn’t have cabins or garages. So you, as a homeowner, can tolerate the condition. Are you a landlord with a functioning electricity statement? Every homeowner and landlord with various performance and power must establish insulation or top it up, not replace it. Rebates don’t apply when you are substituting insulation. We are going to explain more in the below post.  

The Attic Insulation Rebate Process

According to a professional providing attic insulation rebate in Ontario, in the case of performing the insulation refund method, one thing is crucial to consider: the R-value of the insulation. This R-value must fulfill the lowest conditions after establishing insulation. 

Are you familiar with the R-value? This sign indicates how effective the insulation is at keeping the heat in. Based on gathered handy charts, the basement, crawl space walls, and other house parts will have their own heat. 

The insulation must have an R-value between 18 and 25 to qualify for a rebate. The R-value must be between 30 and 35 for a basement or crawl space ceiling. For an attic, the R-value must be between 50 and 55. 

It would help if you were sure to buy enough insulation for the square footage to meet the essential requirements. In the next part, we will explain the various kinds of insulation available to you. To get the rebate, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Apply online or by mail
  • Send your receipts and a credit that is applied to your bill
  • Be sure to provide accurate measurements of the area you insulated before submitting your receipts because it can affect your rebate amount

What Are the Types of Insulation?

attic insulation rebate in Ontario

Rebate is not the only important step in the insulation process; you must be careful in choosing the eligible such as: 

  • Bat
  • Rigid board
  • Loose fill blew in
  • Spray foam

Based on the demanded organizations’ confirmation, the verifiable R-value is the most important thing to consider about each insulation type. As the homeowner, you must view all the requirements before choosing, installing, and rebating the insulation.

If you check all the requirements and consider them, you qualify for a rebate of 75 percent of the insulation costs for your basement ceiling or walls. The repayment can be very eye-catching.

If you have an insulated attic, you can obtain a refund of 50 percent of the insulation cost up to thousands of dollars.

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