The Guide To Choosing Bathroom Tiles For Your Home 

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Designing every corner of your home as per your liking can be exciting. You do not want things to go wrong. After all, you have to live in that house for quite a long time. The bathroom is the most important room in your home since you need to use it several times during the day. Therefore, it is only fair to design it perfectly. 

Choosing tiles for your bathroom can be confusing, given there are so many options to choose from. The key is to keep your needs, budget, likes and dislikes in mind when shopping for tiles. Shop the best Porcelain tiles from Club Ceramic today. 

Tips for choosing bathroom tiles for your home 

  • Determine your budget. 

There is no limitation on variations when it comes to tiles. They are available in various colors, shapes, designs, and materials. However, you should not begin shopping unless you set a budget. Imagine going to a store, picking out a tile that you really like, and then learning that it is way too expensive than what you can afford. 

Establishing a budget and letting the shop owner know your budget can save you a lot of time. You can tell the shop owner about your budget so they can show you options that you can actually afford. 

  • Take maintenance into consideration. 

Nobody likes to spend half of their day cleaning the bathroom. When shopping for tiles, you want to consider the maintenance needs. Choose something that requires the least maintenance and is easy to clean. For this, porcelain and ceramic tiles are regarded as the best options. 

If you are into natural stone, you should know that natural stone tiles require the most maintenance and must be sealed. Without sealants, they are porous and accumulate dirt and bacteria inside. Moreover, they are a bad idea for wet areas. 

  • Determine your color scheme. 

It can be challenging to determine a color scheme for your tiles when you have not even chosen the colors for the cabinets and vanity. Decide how you want your bathroom to look. Most stylists recommend lighter colors and let the towels and door knobs make a statement. 

  • Consider the tile size. 

Smaller sizes may have been the norm at one point in time, but the trends have certainly changed. Larger tiles make your space look bigger than they are. People with a more traditional taste can go for basketweaves and subway tiles. 4×16 subway tiles add a modern touch to traditional looks. 

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