How to Move Large Appliances Safely

Expert Tips To Ensure A Hassle-Free Furniture Relocation For Private Moves

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Ready to move from Aarau to Zurich? Moving from one place to another (even if it’s a 1-hour distance) is quite challenging. From packing to loading and unloading to unpacking, there are minor tasks you need to take care of. So, on your journey to plan a seamless relocation, a moving company’s role remains supreme. So, this post brings some pro tips about furniture relocation for residential moves.

Ins and Outs about Local Furniture Relocation – What Does a Moving Company Suggest?

Those fragile belongings in your house improve your home’s ambiance and improve comfort and coziness. They are nothing but beautiful furniture that enlivens the home’s appeal. So, neglecting furniture relocation is a big mistake when planning for an intra-city move from Aarau to Zurich (or any other place). 

Ensuring every furniture reaches the new destination hassle-free is a dutiful responsibility from the homeowner’s end. So, hiring a trustworthy mover ensures meticulous handling of large furniture. A proficient team can manage the whole process carefully and ensure each furniture item reaches its final destination undamaged.  

Responsibilities a Competent Relocation Company Undertakes for Intra-City Furniture Move

The following are the things trusted movers perform while planning for intracity/intercity furniture relocation:

  • Creates an ideal moving plan that makes the furniture move a seamless process
  • Measures your furniture length and height
  • Discusses everything about the relocation in advance
  • Secures furniture using premium quality packaging items 
  • Implements innovative lifting techniques to transport equipment from one place to another
  • Transports the furniture to the desired floor
  • Precisely and carefully handles the furniture (from lifting to unloading)

Movers at can help you move your belongings safely by performing the above things. For seamless transportation, you can seek furniture lift services from Multi Transport. From intracity and intercity to inter-city, this company offers excellent solutions.


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