How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor in Detroit: Is Paramount Roofing the Best Option?

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Choosing the right roofing contractor is critical for ensuring the durability and effectiveness of your roof, whether for commercial or residential purposes. In Detroit, various options are available, but Paramount Roofing has consistently stood out for its comprehensive services and customer satisfaction. Let’s explore why Paramount Roofing could be the top choice for your roofing needs in Detroit and how their services impact home repairs and improvements.

Understanding Roofing Needs

Roofing is more than just covering the top of a building. It involves detailed assessment, precise installation, and regular maintenance to ensure longevity and efficiency. Paramount Roofing excels in these areas by offering extensive services like commercial roof repair, roof inspection, replacement, and new installation. Their expertise extends to additional exterior work, which includes fascia, soffit, gutters, flashing, siding, skylights, and trim, highlighting their versatility and comprehensive approach to roofing.

Why Choose Paramount Roofing?

Since 2013, Paramount Roofing has built a reputation in the Metro Detroit area for delivering top-tier services in both the residential and commercial sectors. Their approach is characterized by personal service, completing projects on time, and within budget, which is essential for any property owner looking to manage costs without compromising on quality.

Comprehensive Services

What sets Paramount Roofing apart is their range of services that cater to diverse needs. They deal with various roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and EPDM roofs, ensuring a tailored solution for each client. Their commitment to offering a full spectrum of roofing services, including emergency ones like ice dam removal, roof tarping, and storm damage repair, makes them a reliable partner in both planned and unforeseen circumstances.

Customer-Centric Approach

Paramount Roofing prioritizes building lasting relationships with clients, grounded in trust and consistent delivery of satisfactory results. Their customer-centric approach is backed by a team of certified professionals who embody a positive work ethic and dedication to quality. This commitment is evident in their process of transforming challenges into opportunities, ensuring that each project is completed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Quality and Integrity

As an award-winning roofing contractor, Paramount Roofing is recognized for its quality and competitive pricing. They understand the stress and expense involved in home maintenance and strive to simplify the process for their customers. Their dedication to integrity and personal service underscores their standing as a premier choice for roofing needs in Detroit.

The Impact of Professional Roofing Services

Professional roofing services like those provided by Paramount Roofing are essential for maintaining the structural integrity of buildings. Effective roofing contributes to energy efficiency, protects against weather damage, and enhances the overall aesthetic of a property. By choosing a contractor that emphasizes quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, homeowners and business owners can ensure that their roofing investments are sound and durable.


In the search for a roofing contractor in Detroit, Paramount Roofing represents a blend of quality, reliability, and customer-focused service. Their comprehensive range of services, combined with a professional and proactive approach, makes them a standout choice for anyone looking to repair, replace, or install a roof. With their proven track record and commitment to excellence, Paramount Roofing is a commendable choice for those seeking peace of mind and a long-term investment in their property’s roofing needs.

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