How to Pick The Best Curved TV Wall Mount: A Detailed Guide

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Curved TVs are the latest trend in home entertainment, offering viewers a more immersive and cinematic viewing experience. More and more people are opting for curved TVs in their home entertainment setups, making the choice of the right wall mount quite significant. The key is to grasp the specific challenges that come with mounting curved TVs, especially when comparing them to flat screens. This guide covers key areas like compatibility, different mount types, room-specific factors, and considerations specific to the UK market. By delving into the nuances of curved TV installation, you not only enhance the visual experience but also ensure a smooth fit into your British home.

Understanding Curved TV Specifications

When exploring curved TV specs, there are key factors that really matter for your viewing experience. Let’s break them down:

  1. Size – the size of your curved TV is crucial – it’s not just about the dimensions but greatly affects how immersive your viewing is.
  2. Weight – check your TV’s weight against what the wall mount can handle, ensuring a safe setup.
  3. Curvature Radius – this spec is critical in deciding how noticeable the TV’s curve is.
  4. Resolution – the resolution directly affects how clear and sharp the images on your screen will be.

Types of Wall Mounts Suitable for Curved TVs

Thinking about wall mounts for curved TVs? Well, there are a few types to look at. The most usual one is the fixed wall mount – it keeps the TV snugly against the wall, no wriggling about. Perfect for smaller TVs in quieter spots, it gives off that sleek, streamlined vibe. Then there’s the tilting wall mount, letting you tilt the TV up or down for a better viewing angle. Great for bigger TVs in busier areas, it’s handy for adjusting to different positions. Now, if you’re after the ultimate flexibility, there’s the full-motion wall mount. This one lets your TV tilt, swivel, and even extend away from the wall, creating the perfect viewing setup. Ideal for larger TVs in versatile spaces like a home theatre or living room.

Assessing Your Viewing Space and Requirements

Before picking a curved TV wall mount, assess your viewing space. Check the width, height, and depth of your TV, and measure your wall dimensions. Choose a mount that can carry your TV’s weight and has the right VESA pattern for a good fit. Consider your preferred viewing angle – a fixed mount may work if you’re directly in front, while a tilting or full-motion mount offers flexibility for multiple positions. Factor in the TV’s height concerning your seating and desired angle. Also, mind the distance from the wall – some mounts keep it close for a sleek look, while others offer extension for added flexibility. Choose a mount that not only supports your TV but also complements your room’s style, with finishes like black, white, or silver to match your aesthetic preferences.

Weight Capacity and Safety Considerations

Always put safety first when mounting your curved TV. Make sure the wall you’ve chosen can handle both the TV and the mount’s weight. If you’re not sure how sturdy the wall is, it’s wise to get advice from a professional. When fitting it, just follow the maker’s instructions and use all the bits they give you carefully for a safe and solid mount.

For an added layer of safety, think about using safety straps or anti-tip brackets. These extras offer additional security, giving you extra peace of mind during your TV-watching experience.

Flexibility and Adjustability Features

When picking a curved TV wall mount, think about flexibility and adjustability – they’re vital. The top-notch mounts give you plenty of movement options, letting you place your TV exactly where you fancy. This matters, especially if your TV is on the larger side or you plan to watch it from different spots.

Keep an eye out for mounts that come with tilt, swivel, and extension adjustments. Tilt lets you angle the TV up or down, swivel helps you move it side to side, and extension allows you to pull the TV closer or push it further away. Some mounts even have rotation adjustments, handy if you want to switch your TV from portrait to landscape mode. This feature is particularly great if you use your TV for various things like gaming or movie nights.

Aesthetic Integration into Your Living Space

When thinking about a curved TV wall mount for your living space, how it looks is crucial. A good pick doesn’t just make your TV look good but also fits right into your room’s style. Get the right mount, and you can blend your tech seamlessly with your interior design, making your living space look all sophisticated and stylish.

Installation Ease and UK-Specific Installation Tips

Putting up your curved TV wall mount should be a breeze. Go for a mount with simple and clear instructions, preferably with pictures or a video guide. Before you kick off installing your TV on the wall, check you’ve got all the gear – a drill, screwdriver, stud finder, and a spirit level. If any part of the setup makes you unsure, it’s a good call to bring in a professional handyman to do it and steer clear of any TV mishaps.

Price and Value for Money

The cost of curved TV wall mounts can differ based on features, materials, and brand. Although a cheaper option might catch your eye, it’s better to put your money into a higher-quality mount to keep your pricey TV safe and sound for longer. Think about the price in terms of what you get – durability, build quality, and what other customers have to say. Look out for certifications showing the mount has been put through serious testing and meets safety standards. Keep in mind, a dependable TV mount is a smart investment to safeguard your curved TV and make your viewing experience even better.


To sum up, when picking a curved TV wall mount for your living space, focus on how it looks, how easy it is to set up, and whether it gives you good value. Choose a mount that fits in with your room, has simple installation steps, and gives you both durability and safety. This way, you’ll set up a good-looking and practical arrangement that makes watching TV even better. Go for a quality mount to keep your expensive TV safe and blend tech seamlessly with your room’s style. 

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