Smart Hacks To Keep Your Mattress Clean

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Buying a good quality mattress is necessary for comfort and sleep quality. But, keeping it clean and hygienic is even more critical. Here are a few smart ways to keep your mattress allergen-free and clean without much ado.

Vacuum It Regularly

Dust, mites, dirt, pollutants, hair strands, and dead cells accumulate on mattress surfaces regularly. Therefore, you need to vacuum the surfaces every week or at least twice a month.

This simple cleaning regime will keep your mattress usable and out of allergens for a longer time. Do not forget to vacuum both sides!

Clean the Stains without Delay

If there is a stain on the mattress surface, clean it as soon as possible. With time, these stains get embedded into the inner layers of the mattress and become almost impossible to remove.

You can use chemical cleaners (not hazardous to health) to remove the hard stains without damaging the mattress. Alternatively, you can hire an agency for mattress cleaning in Singapore for this task.

Use a Mattress Protector

The easiest way to keep your mattress clean remains to keep it covered with a protector. You will find a plethora of mattress protectors in the market.

From fitted covers to padded covers for extra comfort, the choices remain abundant. Based on your requirements and budget you can choose any one of these.

Place It in the Open Air At Times

Your mattress needs air and sunlight to resist the growth of mould, fungus, allergens, and bacteria. Take the mattress outside the room and place it under direct sunrays.

Let it soak in the warmth of the sun and fresh air for at least an hour. Do this every 2-3 months and your mattress will remain perfectly usable for a longer period.

Besides cleaning the mattress, it is also important that you keep the bedding clean. Unclean bedding accessories like bed sheets, pillows, covers, etc., can be a source of dirt and mites for the mattress as well.

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