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The Barndominium is rugged and built to withstand all forms of extreme weather. They are virtually maintenance free. For example, there is no need to worry about pests, unlike wooden frames barndominium, including barndominium Homes, is the latest innovation in the steel construction industry. First conceived by industry, the barndomium was a building that served a dual purpose as a storage or entertainment area combined with living space. Although it still serves this function today, it can also be built solely as a house. barndominium builders began building a steel-framed building for a man who wanted a “man’s hideout” separate from his home. And since man caves proved so popular, “She Sheds” weren’t far behind either. I adapted the interior to my own design, building an entertainment or craft area on one side and a bedroom or upstairs on the other. Today Barndominium is a steel structure designed to meet every need. Buildmax provides structures sized to your specific needs and allows local contractors to provide the rest of the construction of your new home.  The price shown next to your blueprints is the price you pay if you want to purchase a set of builder drawings to expand your plan. Interior work is best done by an experienced local building contractor. Buildmax does not generally provide these services to its customers. These plans are intended to expedite the interior design construction process, using local resources typically contracted by the homeowner. Custom length, width, height etc.

Seek advice from our steel construction experts to learn all about the type of barn dominium you need and size your building to your specifications and needs.  If you prefer two stories with windows on each floor and a loft opening onto a bright living area, you can do that. If you want a living space with adjoining open spaces, you can. We manufacture steel frames, clapboards and roofing systems to your exact requirements and living space design. There are no limits to what your barn dominium can look like, except for your own imagination and budget. When it comes to budget, steel frame homes cost a lot more than traditional wood construction.

Simply select one of the sample designs above to see just how adaptable steel frames are when designing Barndominiums.  If one of these designs is a good starting point for developing your final design, you can purchase the Builder drawing set for the price listed next to the design label.  These plans are perfect for modifications that can be made with an on-site designer or contractor. We bring you the perfect set of PDF plans to support your interior design process with local design professionals. The plan set includes:

  • Fully dimensioned floor plan
  • Roof plan
  • exterior
  • building section
  • Schedule and Details
  • Electricity plan

Drawings for kits purchased from Buildmax are not stamped by a registered professional architect or engineer. Building authorities that require such stamps usually require one registered in the state in which the building is built. When you order a structure from Buildmax Buildings, it comes with a complete set of drawings stamped by an engineer registered in the state where the structure is built.

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