Exploring What Countertops Suit Your Budget

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When the time comes to choose new kitchen countertops whether it is quartz countertops, Brick Township, NJ you need or something else, you need to choose based not just on what you love, but also on what you can afford. Here is a closer look at the two ends of the countertop spectrum.

No money constraints

There are a few options out there and if your budget has little to no constraints then you might spend more on something like solid granite countertops which will also raise the value of your home. They are attractive, suit any kitchen and are durable. They do need resealing though on a regular basis otherwise they start to stain and sometimes even crack if they have extreme hot and cold placed on them. Many people love the look and feel of granite in their homes. How much it costs varies hugely depending on its thickness, where it is from, the edging, the installers and so on. You can even have a granite sink in the kitchen to go with the granite countertops.

Another option if you have the money is quartz countertops Bayville or where you are. They are also called engineered stone countertops and are manmade. They are even more resilient than granite and you do not have to reseal them so they need less care. They look great and you have more control over the pattern and design since they are manmade.

Budget constraints

If you are at the other end of the budget line and need something as inexpensive as possible then you should take a look at laminate countertops. Another manmade material like the quartz countertops Bayville from above but a lot cheaper. Laminate does not need resealing and is very low maintenance and easy to put in as well. The thing you need to remember though is that should it get damaged it is not something you can repair. With something like tile, wood or such you can fix some scratches or chips. But with laminate, once it is damaged you cannot do anything about it. Take care with hot pans, knives and so on. You may want to spend time once a week on a deeper clean using a soft brush and some gentle soap.

Other interesting options

There are other materials of course to think about if your budget is something more than laminate but less than granite. Glass is popular in kitchens today, it is a modern choice and they can shape and form the countertop from one piece of glass so you have no seams to deal with. Great for contemporary and clean-looking kitchens though they do need to be kept clean to keep them beautiful!


There are a lot of things to consider when you are choosing a countertop for your home. Budget is going to play a big role in what you explore and what you cannot. There is no point in planning for granite or quartz countertops Brick Township NJ is you do not have the money for them. However, you could install just one countertop of granite or quartz rather than doing the whole kitchen and you could choose more affordable granite options.

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