Signs that we Need an HVAC Contractor in Chesapeake VA

Signs that we Need an HVAC Contractor in Chesapeake VA

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Every home must be a place where the whole family can relax, especially on holidays when there’s enough time to bond. Let’s say that you can hang around at home and do your usual routines without thinking about work. Thus, nothing can take away such a peaceful and stress-free weekend with your loved ones.

If this is summer, you’ll stay indoors and keep your room cool because the hot weather makes you sweat, thus, it’s not comfortable to stay out. When it’s rainy and cold, you’d turn the furnace on, and the heater must work for your hot bath. I guess the whole family would be in chaos if your HVAC system malfunctioned these days.

It would have been great if you could ask them to check on your units, especially when you’ve noticed glitches because these may get worse. There are so many things that an HVAC Contractor can do to prevent your machines from breaking down. That’s why you should have scheduled regular maintenance to minimize damage and the cost of repairs.

Not Getting Cool or Warm

When the weather is too hot outside, your units should be able to keep your place cool enough for your comfort. If there are holes where air may pass out, then you could easily patch them up or ask a handyman for remedies. But if that’s not the case, then you’ll need to call an expert to look at the problem.

If the heater or furnace isn’t getting warm, there could be issues with your units. Sometimes, they have to check on the thermostat, compressor, Freon, or controls as well. This is quite complicated for us so let’s not touch the settings even if you have a manual and instructions to follow.

It’s still best when these things are handled by professionals. Once they come to your place for inspection, they’ll identify the cause. Therefore, you should call as soon as possible to prevent serious problems from occurring.

Dust Production

Pretty sure that you want to keep the house clean, that’s why your windows and doors are always closed. In this way, dust and other debris can’t pass through, especially when your house is near the main road. In such a setting, you have to wipe everything often and it’s indeed tiring – see for details on air quality.

What if no matter how much effort you exert, dust still comes fast? I guess you’ve done your part and you cleaned enough. I guess it has something to do with your HVAC system because dust must have accumulated in it.

This is the reason why your place is becoming dusty and it’s not always from a door or window opening. These issues must be fixed through an experienced technician immediately. That’s because it would be bad for your respiration, especially when someone at home has asthma.

Going On and Off

You’ll surely feel annoyed when your HVAC system is turning on and off. Of course, you’ll think that there could be something wrong with the electrical connections. However, this couldn’t always be the case, so we need experts to check on such matters.

It’s also possible that there’s a glitch on the thermostat. If this can’t be repaired, then they’ll have to replace this for better functioning. Sometimes, frequent turning on and off may damage the system, that’s why you should cut the power and don’t use it without a professional’s advice.

Going On and Off


This is a quite common issue that frequently happens without proper maintenance or due to wear and tear. When the units are old, water may leak from the rotten pipes or ducts, drain tubes, and condensers. We can’t just patch it with tape because when there is pressure, water will still find its way out.

Again, such problems shouldn’t be ignored because sometimes, air or chemical substances may also leak. What if it’s coming from a refrigerant, then that will affect your health – learn more from this page. Therefore, once you find out that something is leaking, let the experts find a solution right away.

Odd Sounds and Stuffy Odor

Your units aren’t supposed to produce noise, such as clunking or squealing. They should run smoothly when the system is in good condition. That’s why when you hear strange sounds coming from your machines, be alert.

For example, when you’re sleeping and it starts producing noise in the middle of the night, call emergency technicians. Something in the unit might have loosened up, thus, it has to be tightened. If you continue using the machine after hearing strange sounds, other parts will be damaged.

After noises, you may also smell a stuffy odor. It could be that your filter is moist and dirty, thus it must be cleaned. However, if the odor is coming from burnt rubber or chemicals, then it must be checked immediately.

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