5 Tips to Avoid Noise Pollution at Office & Home

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When it comes to reducing noise pollution, you may think that it’s the responsibility of the government or the local authorities, but the truth is, everyone plays a part. The most common cause of noise pollution is human activity, such as the sound of construction and traffic. Traffic noise is one of the most pervasive environmental pollutants, and it is responsible for up to 70% of all noise pollution. Industrial activities such as quarries and factories also contribute to noise pollution.

So, if you’re living or working in an area with lots of noise—such as a busy street or industrial zone- you’re more likely to suffer from the physical and emotional effects caused by noise pollution, which may obstruct your work and daily life. Today in this article, we have brought 5 tips to help you reduce noise pollution.

5 Tips to avoid noise pollution at office & home

1.      Utilize soundproofing materials

The first thing you can do is invest in soundproofing materials. This could include weather stripping windows and doors, taping down carpets and rugs, hanging thick curtains on windows, and using foam insulation for walls. This will help reduce noise from outside sources entering your home or office. Many have started using sound absorbing panel in Singapore.

2.      Using Earmuffs

Make use of earmuffs or earplugs to manage the outer noises that cause a disturbance. With earmuffs, you can eliminate loud noises as it gives you high protection and keep your ears safe. Earmuffs or earplugs are very light and easy to carry anywhere, whether workplace or home, they will help you away from loud noises, and you can concentrate on your work without any disturbance.

3.    Shut the Door

If you are working at home and your mom has turned on the washing machine or dishwasher, which creates a lot of noise that can block your work. But shutting the room door can help you to manage that loud noise easily. So next time you work, keep in mind that you shut your door while working.

4.      Plant trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs help absorb sound waves, so they don’t travel as far distances. Planting trees around your home or work environment will also provide an added layer of privacy and aesthetics. Some studies have proven that planting trees can reduce noise by 5 to 10 decibels of Db around them.

5.      Adopt quieter modes of transportation.

If you commute to and from work, consider switching to a quieter form of transportation, such as electric cars, bikes, or walking. This will help reduce noise pollution in your area significantly. You don’t just need to think about yourself but also about others.


It is seen that people living in or near high-noise areas are at higher risk of developing some health problems due to prolonged exposure to loud sounds. It’s no wonder that some people living in noisy environments can experience feelings of overwhelm or stressed more easily. We can significantly reduce environmental noise pollution by making a few changes to our daily lives, so why not get started today? Because one step taken by us can lead to some bigger change tomorrow,

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