7 Tips to Make Your Curtains Look Brand New

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When you talk about all the elements that contribute greatly to the charm of appeal of your home, curtains occupy an important place. Yet many of us frequently ignore to regularly care for it and with time it looks drab and unattractive. Other elements like spills and dust produce spots and stains making curtains look old and worn out and bringing down the overall look of your house. The key to having your curtains look new and fresh is to routinely hire Curtain Cleaning Hobart experts who do a professional cleaning and revive the curtains with their original sheen.

Curtains come in a variety of materials and each homeowner or buyer opts for the fabric of their choice when it comes to their drapes. Some go for utility others for the glamour but no matter what you select they last longer and look better when professionals like Curtain cleaners Hobart Services are called in to remove deep dirt or staining.  Here below are a few practical suggestions and pointers for you to keep in mind to make your curtains look brand new and ensure a longer life.

  1. Vacuum frequently

The easiest and surest way to keep your curtains clean and bright is to remove dust. Using a vacuum cleaner weekly or fortnightly is a great practice. You might also observe lint or pet hair on your curtains. These cannot be removed by a vacuum since they stick to fabric. Use a feather duster to remove dust and a lint roller to get rid of lint or pet hair. Professional curtain cleaning Hobart servicemen also employ lint rollers and vacuum cleaners as the first step to cleaning curtains and upholstery.

  1. Wash curtains separately

If the manufacturer’s instructions suggest wet cleaning, it is best to use a washing machine. Use a gentle setting, wash cycle, and the right amount of mild detergent. Never include your other laundry while washing your curtains.

  1. Hand washing the delicate curtains

Sheer or delicate curtains should be hand washed and not machine washed. Machine washing can hamper the fabrics and also can make them look worn out.

  1. Dry cleaning your curtains

Rich fabrics or delicate fabrics may be dry cleaned as it’s the most effective and safest method.

  1. In case of hand washing, use mild detergent

In case you are thinking of washing expensive fabric yourself, soak your curtains in a mild detergent for about an hour or less. Once they are well absorbed, using gentle hands scrub the fabric lightly with a soft bristled brush. You can use your hands to apply more force to those areas with more dirt. If you wish to machine wash run on a delicate cycle setting. It is best to air dry once washing is complete. Avoid using dryers to prevent fabric damage.

  1. Drying your curtains

Curtains are best air-dried in the open air. If the sun is strong dry them on the reverse side to prevent colors from fading. Curtain cleaners Hobart servicemen use dryers since they have the requisite training to dry the curtains without damaging the fabric.

  1. Ironing and Steaming

If your curtains look wrinkled then you can iron them by setting on a low heat option. Iron on the reverse side to preserve the print and trims. Use a cloth steamer to even out wrinkles without contacting the fabric directly. Once you have done that they should look as good as a job done from Curtain Cleaning Hobart services.

Removing stains to bring back a fresh look

If you wish to remove ugly stains from curtains you have to act quickly Professional curtain cleaning Hobart like experts. You have to act fast before stains set in. For greasy patches pre-treat using dishwashing liquid. Then dampen a sponge with hot water and blot on the fabric to remove grease. Then launder properly with powdered detergent for laundry using hot water. Smoke can ruin the look of curtains and cause it to get yellow. Revive its looks to its original vibrancy by soaking stained parts overnight in a blend of 1 cup baking soda, hot water, ½ cup borax, and half a cup salt. In the morning launder and then dry. If you have something sticky, you can rub ice cubes on the area for ten minutes before scraping it off. Then launder it as usual.

Curtains are a style statement of home décor. Curtains in the living room or bedroom can literally be transformed just by adding some lace (which may be bought) that lends it sheer class. Just lining the edges with these laces and sewing them as borders or from top to bottom can add elegance to the old look.

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