A Guide To Wheeled Dumpers

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Wheeled dumper hire is a requirement on many different heavy construction sites, and in fact, any project where there is a need for easy transport solutions, hazard prevention, and the removal and movement of materials on debris on site. There are a few benefits to hiring a wheeled dumper for your site, and working alongside a specialist plant hire company will help you carefully plan ahead to your upcoming projects in detail. This helps you to have access to the latest in wheeled dumpers, as and when you need them on site to move materials and ensure the project moves forward consistently and safely.

Reasons to choose wheeled dumper hire

Every site has debris and materials to move around and off site. At times, you’ll need to move large quantities of materials on site as it arrives, making sure it reaches the relevant contractors when and where they need them. Other times, the creation of debris as structures are demolished and spaces are prepared for future construction, means that there is waste in the form of rubble, concrete, and other materials that need to be removed to clear space for the work ahead. All of these are time sensitive tasks and cause potential safety hazards. A wheeled dumper provides you with the quick and safe way to move these materials around.

What this means is that there is no need for materials to be manually moved, which could add strain to the contractors, cause potential injury, and take a lot longer than a wheeled dumper. You can safely move large quantities of concrete, timber, tiles, or brick off site or to other areas of the site where they are needed. This process has transformed the way in which construction sites work, and with each new model of wheeled dumper, the attributes improve.

Removing these types of materials helps to reduce the instances of potential hazards on site, with sharp or heavy objects obstructing pathways and causing potential accident and injury if they are left to sit on site and if they are not managed effectively. Hazard perception and safety standards must always be as high and consistent as possible on any construction site and a wheeled dumper is a key component of your project plan.

Hiring a wheeled dumper helps to improve standards on site and lower your costs, utilising the expertise of a plant lease company, whether you are looking to hire a 1 tonne skip loader or a 10 tonne dumper.


Finding that plant lease company that works well with your budgets, timescales, and ideals as a company is an important part of managing a business and any upcoming projects that rely on plant hire to keep things moving. If you are searching for wheeled dumper hire, you want to ensure that you have the choice of the latest pieces of machinery, with the latest environmental targets in mind, and the highest safety features for dumpers available. This will help to maximise efficiency on site, maintain high standards of safety at all times when operating plant hire, and ensure that your projects move smoothly and within budget.

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