Bathroom and Kitchen Appliance Drainage Made Easy with Sanivite Undersink Pump

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In the realm of home design and renovations, the placement of bathrooms and kitchens is often restricted by the need for efficient drainage systems. Yet, the introduction of the Sanivite Undersink Pump revolutionizes this limitation. This innovative pump presents an ingenious solution, eliminating the constraints previously imposed by drainage considerations. By facilitating hassle-free drainage from multiple appliances, the Sanivite pump opens doors to limitless design possibilities, empowering homeowners and designers to explore new, creative layouts without the restrictions posed by traditional drainage systems.

The Sanivite: Revolutionizing Drainage Effortlessly

The Sanivite Undersink Pump emerges as a beacon of innovation, transforming the landscape of plumbing. Its core purpose lies in simplifying the drainage of wastewater from numerous bathroom and kitchen appliances. From the shower in your bathroom to the sink in your kitchen, this pump serves as a silent yet powerful ally, streamlining the process of efficient drainage. Its remarkable feature? It eradicates the necessity for extensive construction efforts while ensuring seamless wastewater management. This groundbreaking solution offers homeowners and renovators a newfound flexibility, enabling them to create and design spaces without the constraints imposed by traditional drainage systems. With the Sanivite pump, the possibilities for reimagining layouts and optimizing space utilization become boundless.

Unveiling the Key Benefits

Versatile Installation:

The Sanivite pump offers unparalleled flexibility in installation, enabling the creation of complete bathrooms or shower rooms anywhere within a property. Its design eliminates the need for intricate and extensive construction work typically associated with traditional drainage systems. This versatility empowers homeowners and designers to optimize space utilization without the constraints of fixed plumbing layouts.

Whisper-Quiet Operation:

Operating at an incredibly low noise level of approximately 42 dB(A), the Sanivite pump ensures a serene environment while efficiently managing wastewater. Its whisper-quiet operation is a boon, especially in residential settings, where peace and tranquility are paramount. This feature enhances the user experience by seamlessly integrating efficient drainage without causing disturbances.

Impressive Pumping Capabilities:

Despite its compact size, the Sanivite pump surprises with its robust pumping capabilities. It can effectively pump wastewater up to 5 meters vertically or an impressive 50 meters horizontally. This exceptional performance offers tremendous flexibility in terms of installation locations, allowing for adaptable and convenient setups within various property layouts.

Maximized Flow Rate:

Sporting a maximum flow rate of 88 liters per minute, the Sanivite pump excels in efficiently managing water drainage from multiple appliances. Whether it’s a shower, sink, or other water-utilizing appliances, this pump ensures a consistent and reliable flow, catering effortlessly to varying water usage needs.

Easy Maintenance:

Designed with user convenience in mind, the Sanivite pump facilitates easy access for regular maintenance and servicing. This accessibility ensures hassle-free upkeep, allowing homeowners or maintenance professionals to conduct routine checks and servicing without encountering complexities, ensuring the pump operates at its optimum level for an extended lifespan.

Beyond Convenience: Sanivite’s Specifications

Efficient Design: Dimensions of 420 x 180 x 321 mm make it compact and suitable for versatile installations.


Powerful Performance: With an engine consumption of 400W and electrical class I, it handles demanding drainage needs with ease.

Adaptable Temperature Handling: Capable of handling water temperatures up to 40°C to 60°C intermittently, it manages various water types effortlessly.

Reliability Guaranteed: Backed by a standard 2-year warranty, the Sanivite promises both reliability and longevity in your plumbing setup.

Opening Doors to Endless Possibilities

Gone are the days of being confined by plumbing constraints. The Sanivite Undersink Pump liberates homeowners and designers alike, allowing the installation of bathrooms or kitchens in unconventional areas without the need for extensive construction. Its versatility, quiet operation, and impressive capabilities redefine what’s possible in home design.

Groundbreaking capabilities and advantages of the Sanivite Undersink Pump, exploring its impact on home design, convenience, and functionality.

Embracing Innovation in Home Design

Design Freedom: Traditionally, constructing a new bathroom or kitchen in unconventional spaces, like basements or extensions, involved extensive plumbing work. Sanivite eliminates these barriers, empowering homeowners to create functional spaces without the confines of traditional plumbing setups. Its ability to efficiently drain wastewater from multiple appliances, even beneath or alongside shower trays, redefines design possibilities.

Space Utilization: Compact living spaces often limit where bathrooms or kitchens can be placed. Sanivite’s compact design and powerful drainage capabilities free up these constraints. Now, designing these spaces in compact apartments or unconventional areas becomes a reality without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

Unveiling the Technological Marvel

Whisper-Quiet Operation: The 42 dB(A) noise level ensures an unobtrusive environment, letting you enjoy a peaceful home without disruptions from plumbing activities.

Efficient Pumping: Capable of pumping water up to 5 meters vertically or 50 meters horizontally, the Sanivite defies gravity, offering unmatched versatility in drainage solutions.

Optimal Flow Rate: With a maximum flow rate of 88 L/min, this pump efficiently manages water drainage from multiple appliances, ensuring smooth and consistent performance.

Convenience Redefined: Sanivite Specifications

User-Friendly Build: The Sanivite’s dimensions of 420 x 180 x 321 mm make it adaptable for various installations. Its manageable weight of 6.4 kg adds to its versatility.

Reliability Guaranteed: The 400W engine consumption, electrical class I rating, and IP44 protection index assure durability and consistent performance.

Adaptable Temperature Handling: The Sanivite efficiently handles water temperatures ranging from 40°C to 60°C intermittently, making it suitable for various water sources.

Elevating Home Convenience and Functionality

Low Maintenance: Its design ensures easy access for regular maintenance and servicing, simplifying upkeep and ensuring prolonged performance.

Long-Term Warranty: Backed by a standard 2-year warranty, the Sanivite brings peace of mind, assuring reliability and longevity in your plumbing setup.

Conclusion: Sanivite – Redefining Home Plumbing Solutions

Unlocking new design frontiers in your home is a breeze with the Sanivite Undersink Pump. This transformative addition transcends traditional plumbing, offering not just a pump but a gateway to modern innovation. Embrace its innovative technology, quiet operation, and remarkable capabilities to revolutionize your living space. When choosing the right grey water pump, the Sanivite stands out for its versatility, efficiency, and seamless integration into modern homes. Its advanced features and adaptability make it a standout choice, ensuring efficient waste water management without compromising on design aesthetics or functionality.

The Sanivite doesn’t just drain water; it liberates homeowners, designers, and architects from conventional plumbing constraints. Its seamless integration, powerful performance, and minimal maintenance make it an indispensable asset in modern home design, allowing for unparalleled freedom in creating functional, comfortable, and stylish spaces anywhere within your home. Experience the revolution in drainage convenience and design possibilities with the unparalleled innovation of Sanivite Undersink Pump.

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