Different Types Of Tiles Option For Bedroom

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Homeowners mainly accept porcelain, ceramic, and stone tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms. Due to their zero-maintenance and durability nature, ceramic tiles are basically made for kitchens. And tile goes well with bathrooms because it performs better than other flooring materials in environments containing high moisture. Tile also works better in mudrooms and entryways because it cleans up easily.

Bedrooms, however, are not suitable for ceramic tiles because these are spaces where softness and warmth are needed. If you are looking for tiles for your new home, contact Ceramique au Sommet

Different types of tiles options for bedroom

  • Wood-like porcelain planks

Using wood-like tile in the bedroom is a great way to warm your bedroom in rich tones visually. 

Manufacturers today produce tile with the look of walnut, birch, oak, pine, cherry, and other species, in a wide variety of stains. The tiles can be shaped into plans making the look very convincing.

  • Running-bond pattern rectangular tiles

If you do not want the tile routine in your bedroom, think of breaking out of the box. Or maybe, break out of the square.

Square tiles have been used for years. In the last years, larger rectangular ceramic tiles, like the Bedrosians, have emerged into the marketplace with their elongated cousins, ceramic tiles. 

  • Cool caramel porcelain

Using the 24-inch square porcelain tiles laying in a straight bond pattern can create long, continuous gout seams. Such a pattern can create a feeling of distance and movement. To warm up your bedroom, you can go for electric radiant floor heating. Implanted under the tile surface, radiant heating removes the coolness off a ceramic tile floor. 

  • Marble look tiles

Marble look tiles are 20 x 20-inch ceramic tiles that provide an easy-to-clean, durable floor coating and are also cost-effective and attractive. It is designed to give the look of natural white marble tile but at a more affordable rate. Marble look tiles are preferred for climates where a cool feel and look are desirable. In col climates, stone-look tiles are preferred, which can be laid over radiant heating.

  • Wood-look porcelain

Wood-look porcelain tiles are friendly and warm that look amazingly like wood. In rare cases, the cheap wood-like tiles look awful due to the repetitive and poorly printed wood grain. For better stone- or wood-look porcelain tiles, it is better to go for a premium tile outlet that offers products from high-end manufacturers. 

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