Five most expensive places to purchase property in Bedfordshire

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Houghton Conquest

The village of Houghton Conquest is located in the Central Bedfordshire district of the county of Bedfordshire. The hamlet of How End is also part of Houghton Conquest. According to history especially related to the hundred of Redbornestoke it is discovered that the name of the village of Houghton Conquest was the result of the activities of the Conquest family who was landowners that also possessed a manor in this region between the 13th and 18th centuries. It must be noted that the Houghton referred to in Houghton Conquest is actually pronounced as how-ton which has been the official pronunciation which has been in force since 1998. Upmarket properties are available for £1 million.

Whatever place you invest in, make sure it has the potential to bring you profits in the future. Location is one of the most important factors in property investment. A good location will always be in demand and will appreciate in value over time. The value of good locations will never be affected by a housing market crash. Do your research and invest in a property in a desirable neighborhood.


One of the villages in the Central Bedfordshire district of the county of Bedfordshire is Blunham. It is very close to Bedford and has a population of approximately 1000 people. On the eastern boundary of this village is the River Ivel while the Western and northern boundary is formed by the River Great Ouse. Furthermore, Blunham is approximately 1 km from the A1 road and Route 51 is also close by. One of the interesting landmarks in the region is the double humpback bridge which is constructed across the River Ivel which provides access to the village to those coming from Tempsford or from other destinations using the A1 road. According to Quick Property Buyer, properties can be purchased from approximately £1.1 million.


Another village in the county of Bedfordshire is the one known as Studham which has a population of approximately 1200 people. It is lying along the Buckinghamshire border on its southern side while the Hertfordshire border is on the eastern side. It is close to the Chiltern Hills in the wooded areas. Close to Studham there is the hamlet of Holywell which together with Studham is part of the same civil parish. Properties can easily cost as much as £1.4 million.


The village of Egginton now mostly referred to as Eggington is located in the Central Bedfordshire district of the county of Bedfordshire. Egginton is located approximately 5 km east of Leighton Buzzard. Egginton also includes the hamlet of Briggington which is located along the road to Leighton Buzzard. It also includes the hamlet of Cipstone which is just north of Cipstone Brook. Formerly the hamlet of Leedon was also part of Eggington but it has now become part of Leighton Buzzard because of changes which was made in the early 1980s. People can expect to pay approximately £1.5 million for properties in this region.


In the Central Bedfordshire district of the county of Bedfordshire you can find the village of Caddington which is located between Hertfordshire and the Luton/Dunstable urban area. In fact, to the west of Caddington is Kensworth while Watling Street forms the western border of Caddington. London is only approximately 30 miles from Caddington and Luton only approximately 2 miles. If you want to sell quickly for cash, properties can be available for approximately £1.6 million since this is a very popular region for property owners.

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