Some Pivotal Points to Ponder on Sale of Properties in Dubai and Property Survey Views –

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Introduction –

One of the main facts that you should know about the Dubai property owners is that, nearly 2/3rd of them out which 64% plan to sell off their properties and take the humongous benefits of the present market conditions and there are remaining 52% who would also do the same thing in the next year for good returns, as per the survey by the Metropolitan Homes, a new division concentrating on the Dubai’s Secondary Market and aiding the investors, & rich asset owners. Looking for penthouses, there are many beautiful dubai penthouses for sale. Next, the survey has polled around more than 300 property owners in Dubai during the month of January, and found that there are around 90% of Dubai property owners who would buy another property by selling off their present property at a good rate. Then, there are around 83% who said that they made important enhancements since they purchased their property with 15% of the sellers/buyers spending 500,000 Dirhams to rebuild their property structure.

Views of Metropolitan Homes, Dubai –

There are also Dubai homeowners, who are absolutely sure that a developed property market and the level of thoughtful (planned) activity in the secondary market shall thrive the transaction volume in the real estate industry in Dubai. Besides that, there are around 22% of the participants of the Metropolitan Homes Survey, who plan to retire and stay in Dubai permanently and they are above 45 years of age. Moreover, you can look for penthouses in dubai for sale & book your pent house in Dubai. And, the purchasers who are seeking to invest in the secondary market in Dubai this year are the ones who will profit from the projected enhancement in the number of present property owners, who are planning to sell off their property. And, this could in turn help in balancing a long-term growth jet for Dubai’s real estate sector supported by a helpful market condition, strong Dubai economy, city’s name and attraction and also known to be a secure investment destination. Recent changes have been made in the legislation in Dubai.

Reforms in the Legislation –

The recent reforms that have been made in the legislation in UAE are, the Golden Visa Regulation, permission for residing for retirees, digital nomad trends – these are some such reforms that appeal more investment in the real estate sector in Dubai. Since they are helping the residents with a motive to invest in the country & they also permit the non-residents to make UAE/Dubai their second home. Besides that, one of the main benefits for the homeowners in Dubai is to make the most out of their investment in Dubai. Also, the present market scenario in Dubai is in favour of the owners especially if they are planning to sell or put on rent their units. And, last year the 2nd market transactions enhanced by 300% and it is expected that this trend will continue further.

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