Top SIX alternatives to Sketch up 3D design software in 2022

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Due to the Sketch Up controversy and piracy, we have prepared this article for you. If you do not know what we are talking about then keep reading. We dig top 3D modeling programs, to help you keep working without having to sell a kidney. We will present some Sketch up alternatives options that can help you.

Foyr Neo

When it comes to the alternatives to Sketch up, we start our list with Foyr Neo. Foyr neo is cross-platform software, that is, it runs on PC, tablets and smart phones. With it, it is possible to create models and configure the materials. The program comes in two versions, a free one with fewer features and a Pro Edition version. In this, it is possible to create a floor plan, place furniture, configure materials, generate views and explore the 3D environment from any angle.

BricsCad Shape

BricsCad Shape is free software developed by BricsCad, a competitor of Autodesk and AutoCAD. Visually its interface is very similar to Sketch Up. The program also supports reading, importing and exporting files in DWG format. It is possible to perform modeling, change materials, and create animations. 


Blender is a free, open source tool that can be used to produce 3D scenarios and architectural representations. This software is much more successful in the fields of movie animation and game creation, but nowadays it is possible to find some companies that use the program due to its free use and the fact that you can use it without restrictions even for commercial purposes. We can say that Blender is a mixture of 3D Max and Maya.

Free CAD

Free CAD is a 3D parametric modeler, cross-platform and working with free and open source. As its name implies, it is free and anyone can access it. Its uses are very varied, from mechanical parts and product design to architecture, for them what matters is that you express your creativity. The software is a collective project where anyone can contribute to the improvement of the program. You can also make donations if you are interested.

Floor Planner

This is more interactive software, it allows the quick creation of floor plans and that you decorate the environments from furniture made available by the program’s library, according to the producer’s website there are more than 150,000 different models of furniture and materials. The program’s promise is to create render-looking images in a few minutes. Floor Planner works with a monthly subscription system and the value varies according to what the user needs, ranging from basic plans (free) to business. 

Planner 5D

The software allows the creation of a floor plan, insertion of furniture (available in the program itself), scene management and lighting control. It is an intuitive interface where the user can develop what he wants without the need for tutorials. It is possible to create realistic scenarios and capture these images as photography. 


None of the software presented is compatible with V-ray, but some even show good results when it comes to realistic renderings. In terms of graphic quality, Foyr Neo certainly wins by a long shot.

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