How French Drains are Installed

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A French drain or a curtain drain is different from the rest and they are also made using different materials. It also has a different kind of installation system which is why you will need to hire a team to do so. Various measures are taken into account before anything such is done. Getting a French drain installation is a good idea because it will aim to prevent flooding. If you are looking for a way to direct the surface water away from the foundation of your home, then the French drain will also come in handy. It is a job that might be easy for some. However, it can be complex as requires some kind of planning before going for the execution.

You will also need to have the right kind of supplies in the right material so that there is nothing that goes wrong. The way how this is done involves some steps and those steps are:

Picking out a location for the drain

There will be a specific spot that you will need to get for the drain. You should always look for the spot which has a slope or a downhill and it is close to the area which has that problem. This is so that the water can run off easier down. When looking at the standard ay, the drain will need to have a 1 or 2% slope and this is for every 30 meters of the length.

Hence, when you have this calculated and sorted, you will not have to worry about other things. There will be different spots to choose from for all the different areas of your home. This will result in a better standard flow as well.

See where the spot will drain into 

You should ensure that the spot you have chosen for the drain is, where it goes. It is important to ensure that the surface is clean and also smooth. However, the usual area where the drain is fitted into is the street. There are other areas as well a drain might be suited but the street is the most common element.

Get a draining pipe 

After finding the spot, you will have to dig it out and then insert a PVC pipe. This is an ideal drain pipe for a more rigid drain. Hence, it aims to create a strong structure but it is ideal to use if your drain is not around any plants or objects.

A corrugated pipe 

If your drain is around plants or trees, then you can easily use a corrugated pipe. This is because these pipes are more flexible and they also help in gaining the perfect shape. As it is flexible, it is not mean that it will not drain properly. Corrugated pipes are easier to work with due to their flexibility.

Fitting everything together

When you have all of the requirements that you need, you will be able to then adjust things together by using the pipes. After digging and adjusting to things, you can fill back the area up with soil.

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