How to Protect Your Home from Evil Energies with a Spiritual Floor Wash

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Purifying your home on a spiritual level is just as important as doing a deep clean on the physical level. Similar to how physical dust, filth, and dirt may quickly pile up and collect, so can spiritual debris, dust, and dirt that has gone uncontrolled. This can lead to feelings of spiritual, emotional, and mental exhaustion, restlessness, and even sometimes a sense of being trapped or stagnant.

Proper Purification

Purifying our souls isn’t hard, which is fantastic news for us. Only a few simple tools and the instructions for how to use them will get the job done. It is customary to do a thorough cleaning of one’s house on the first day of the new year, both on a physical and a spiritual level. Cleaning the floors with the proper cleaner might be one of the best ways to get rid of or at least neutralise any bad or toxic vibes. It’s also a good practise to do a spiritual cleansing of your house once a month, preferably on the night of the New Moon or the night of the Full Moon.

Choosing the Spiritual Floor

Using a spiritual floor wash is one of the oldest and most discreet ways of casting charms. The effectiveness of this method is among its many virtues. The floor cleaner is mostly made from water and a few carefully chosen botanicals. After thoroughly cleaning the floors, surfaces, and baths, apply the mixture. You may create a spiritual floor wash that either repels or attracts, or perhaps does both, depending on the botanicals you choose.

  • There are many different options for what goes into a spiritual floor wash, but the most majority include infusing water with three or more different ingredients. If you don’t have access to “Holy Water,” “Spiritual Water,” or “Florida Water,” you may substitute regular tap water or water from a spring or waterfall. Maybe it would be less difficult to track down. Most recipes will tell you to avoid using tap water.
  • Add the botanicals to a container that is not metal and then pour in the water. Doing this is the first step in cleaning the spiritual floor. About 10 minutes of simmering time is recommended for the combination. Do not store the mixture in containers until it has cooled fully. Do not add essential oils to boiling water; rather, put them in the container they will be kept in. The mixture has to hang out for a week before it can be used.

Next, before you use your bath floor wash, you should clean the floors. After mopping and drying the floors well, start applying the mixture at one end of the room and work your way towards the exit. Use soap and water to thoroughly clean the threshold, and then sprinkle salt on it to ward off any evil spirits that could be lurking there.


These floor washes shouldn’t be seen as their own category of cleaning, but rather as an additional step before the final rinse. If you want the floor wash’s fragrance magic to really come out, you need wait until it’s completely dry before use it. This floor wash may now be used in conjunction with your regular cleaning detergents by just adding a little amount. As you clean your home in this way, you also cleanse yourself on a spiritual level.

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