The Application of the Mccb and the Mcb

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The MCB and the MCCB have different maximum allowed current levels before the trip. The current capacity of a standard mcb is 100 A, but that of an MCCB ranges from 10 A to 200 A.

What is MCB?

Electrical circuits can be protected with a tiny circuit breaker (MCB) device. It protects an electrical circuit from being harmed by an excessive current. By tripping in the event of an overload or short circuit, mcb serves as a safety measure.

Applications for MCB

  • Control Units for Household Electricity

Houses are safe from overloads, thanks to mcbs. They are more trustworthy and secure than a fuse, and equal power for all devices is one of their main benefits. A smaller number of power outages will occur within the home.

  • Heaters

If you have heaters in your house or place of business, a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is a reliable safety option. Since heaters draw so much electricity from the wall outlet, an MCB must be properly installed to prevent dangerous voltage swings.

  • Lights

Modern homes are equipped with elaborate lighting systems. When properly installed, MCBs can greatly improve the efficiency of power distribution across the home’s various lighting systems. 

As an illustration, fluorescent lights need far more energy than standard incandescent bulbs, and using MCBs is crucial in this situation. In addition, mcbs aid in keeping light bulbs in good working order and free from danger.

What is MCCB?

The full form of MCCB in the electrical industry is moulded case circuit breakers. Overload, short circuits, instantaneous over current, and earth fault are all hazards that can be mitigated using an mccb, an automatic electrical device. It’s the next step up from MCB. 

Its voltage ranges from 230V to 1.1kV, and its amperage capacities are 32A to 1600A. The real benefit of an MCCB is that people can modify it to meet their needs by adding features like remote shutting, UV trip, etc.

Elements of MCCB

  •  Mechanics:

The Operational Mechanism controls the contacts’ opening and closing. No matter how rapidly you flip the switch’s handle, the contacts will open and close simultaneously. Keeping the switch in the “on” position won’t prevent the breaker from falling. If the connections are fumbled, the handling will be in the middle position.

  •  Fire Extinguisher

An arc forms whenever a switch in an electrical circuit disrupts the flow of electricity. The purpose of the arc extinguisher is to contain the circling segment and break it up so that it can’t spread. By passing via the contacts’ ionised region, the current activates an attracting field around the arc and the circular segment douser during an intrusion.


Both mcb and MCCBs are reliable alternatives for protecting your electrical equipment and yourself from potential dangers. In summary, MCB and MCCB have different size, capacity, and tripping time capabilities, which make them suitable for different applications. While MCB is used for low to medium current applications, MCCB is used for high current applications. Both offer protection against electrical faults, but MCCB provides additional protection against earth fault.If you want the real product, you should only buy it from reliable stores like IndoAsian.

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