4 Home Renovation Tasks That Should Be Done In Summer

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For many, the presence of sunshine and warmth means relaxation, and the summer period is generally one of respite. However, it is also a period of opportunity and forward-thinking homeowners will use these months of warm and dry weather to take on a renovation project that would otherwise not be possible. 

So, before you make holiday plans, be sure to consider any dream projects that you want to achieve for your home as there are some that should ideally be done in the summer.


Digging up your garden to replace concrete with luscious grass or to swap out flower beds for raised vegetable patches requires a considerable amount of work. What’s more, it requires dry weather. Certain tasks, especially those that involve concrete, cement, or soil, are made far easier when the climate remains dry, allowing for more efficacious handling and application of materials. 

Other garden projects, such as the installation of ponds and the creation of pizza ovens can only take place during assuredly dry periods. So, for those wanting to redesign their garden with a little luxury, swapping sheds for log cabins and adding curb appeal to their lawns, it is important to take advantage when the sun shines.

Exterior Paint

While landscaping is remarkably difficult during wet weather, painting a home’s exterior is altogether impossible. For a new paint job to cure appropriately and remain both high-quality and long-lasting, it must be applied during dry weather. Homeowners must ensure the task is undertaken only during a period of dryness, looking ahead at the forecast and readying their paint buckets when the sun is set to shine assuredly for a few days.

Don’t let this restriction put you off, however, since adding a new lick of paint to your home, especially a colourful one, can boost its value on the property market.

Replace Windows

Exposing the inside of your home to the winter weather is not a pleasant concept. As such, replacing and upgrading windows is a job for the summer. Due time is needed not only for the process of measurement but also for affixing new windows, meaning that it can take a few days for a home to be complete.

By replacing windows during the summer, a home is also assured to be more well-insulated during the winter, making this an ideal renovation for homeowners who want to reduce their utility bills over time.

Security Systems

Installing exterior security systems, those that involve cameras and lights, requires homeowners to connect gadgets to interior wiring. As such, the task of adding cameras to a home’s exterior becomes unsafe during rainfall. Plus, with the exposure of a home’s interior, it is much better to approach security system installation during the summer months.

As with painting an exterior, the addition of security systems to a home is a brilliant way to add extra value to a property, helping it to feel more secure. For those considering the sale of a home, a few cameras can greatly support curb appeal.

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