7 Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen in a Budget Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you planning a kitchen remodeling soon? You’re sure on the right path to making your kitchen a better place, given the importance of the kitchen in a home. 

So, how can you remodel your kitchen while on a budget? Well, this article explores different ways of working on a tight budget. 

Create a detailed budget

A detailed budget helps you cut out the unwanted budgetary needs. The budget must be clear, indicating the kind of materials needed and the labor costs. So, if you want to install distressed kitchen cabinets, you should know their exact costs and the associated costs of installation. 

Prioritize your needs

Working on a tight budget means that you have to differentiate needs from wants. Get a list of what your kitchen really needs against what you want. The priority should be given to essential improvements rather than luxury upgrades. 

Repaint your cabinets

Instead of spending a lot of money on new kitchen cabinets, you can instead repaint them. They will still have a new look while your budget won’t be harmed. However, if your cabinets are old and torn, you need to either replace them with new distressed kitchen cabinets, or reface them. Find a good source of help to help you with the repainting job. 

Buy cost-effective countertops 

Instead of flashy countertops, your concern should be on cutting cost. Some of the best options that you have include butcher block and laminate. They are affordable and provide a good look. However, they might not be as long-lasting as the stone options. 

Homeowners with distressed kitchen cabinets can install a butcher block to complement this type of cabinetry. 

DIY where possible 

Another great tip to reduce the cost of kitchen remodeling is getting involved as much as possible. Explore all the avenues of working on your own such as painting and installing hardware.

Consider open shelving 

Open shelving is an affordable alternative that provides great aesthetics. The traditional upper cabinets can be somewhat expensive for any homeowner working on a tight budget. 

Shop widely 

Don’t be fascinated by the first set of appliances or fixtures. You need to explore multiple options in different stores to get the best deal. For example, if you want to buy distressed kitchen cabinets, you should check out a variety of options from different online and physical furniture stores. 


These tips are sufficient to help you remodel your kitchen space with a limited budget. Of course, you can always expand the scope of the kitchen remodeling if you have more access to funds. 

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